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The Patch Test Kit (pack of 10)

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10 pack only £37.50 (nets to £3.75 per kit)

  • Make sure you are patch-testing with these convenient and effective in-salon and at home allergy alert tests.
  • Safe and simple to use. Designed for hairdressers and beauticians, you can use them in the salon or post them to clients to do at home.
  • It’s convenient for you and frees up your time for other services and it's convenient for clients as they can patch test at home. No need for extra in-salon visits!
  • Earn extra revenue and make the Test part of the service. Re-sell The Patch Test Kit to your clients (RRP for re-sale £9.99 per kit).
  • More cost effective than other options available and more accurate as it tests with the specific dye that will be used at their appointment.
  • The Patch Test Kit thoroughly tests for reactions to all chemicals in the dye, not just PPD and is recognised by leading insurers as a valid form of allergy alert testing.
  • Contains: 2 x syringes & end caps, 1 x mixing tube, 1 x applicator, 1 x plaster, 1 x postal box, seals and full instructions.
  • How to Use if Posting to Clients' Homes

  • Step 1: Prepare the Kit - Fill and seal each syringe with 1ml dye in one and 1ml developer in the other. (Check colour manufacturer's patch test instructions.)
  • Step 2: Post the Kit - Send the kit to your client using a large letter stamp. Let them know it is on the way!
  • Step 3: Test at Home - Your client does the test at home at least 48 hours before their appointment.
  • Step 4: Keep Evidence - Your client brings their signed declaration and photo evidence to their appointment.