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Orly Breathable Calcium Boost Strengthening Treatment 18ml

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  • ORLY Breathable Calcium Boost Treatment makes nails stronger as it nourishes. Perfect for dry, damaged, and thin nails.
  • Build the strength of your nails with this vegan, Calcium boosting formula.
  • Uses the beloved Orly 'Gripper Cap' to make application easy.
  • No DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde.
  • Contains Vegan Calcium, Vitamin B5 (to build nail strength, Vitamin C and Argan Oil (to nourish dry, damaged and thin nails).

  • Apply one coat to all nails once a day for a minimum of one week. Repeat for stronger and thicker nail growth.
  • There is no need to have a break when using ORLY Calcium Boost nail treatment as it is less likely to over strengthen the nails.
  • Using Breathable treatments and Breathable nail polishes together will not takeaway the breathable properties of the range, as they have a similar breathable molecule structure. Oxygen, hydration and treatments in both ORLY Breathable polish and Breathable treatments will still be able to reach the nail plate to condition and nourish.